How to Plant Rosemary


Rocks in Pot1. Make sure that you pots has a hole in the bottom of it so that the soil can drain properly.

2. Add uneven rocks to the bottom of the pot before inserting potting soil. This again is to help irrigation of the soil. You do not want standing water in your pots for very long.

3. Add potting soil up to about an inch of your pots rim (once your plants are planted you can add mulch to fill the pot up). We use Ozmocote Potting Soil for our pots.

4. Take your finger and press a hole about ½ inch deep into the soil. Do this repeatedly with holes about ¼ inch apart. Take your seeds and place them in the holes and cover with loose top soil.Rosemary Seeds

6. Water the the plant lightly until you start to see the water puddling above the soil and not draining immediately. Remember, rosemary like very well irrigated soil.

7. Water regularly and place plant in desired area around your home!

Note: If planting in a garden skip steps 1 through 3 and just use your garden soil for planting.



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